Michigan Rapper Thinks His School is Still Better Than Yours (Video)

  University of Michigan rapper J. Dutch and DJ Aash Mehta put together a music video to their song “Let Em Know” in an attempt to let everyone know that their school is better than yours. Have a video to share from your school? Email collin@nowthatscollege.com  


7 Reasons Christmas Break in College is Glorious

You’ve gotta love good old Christmas break. Even if you celebrate another holiday, you still get an excess of time away from going to class, doing homework, and dealing with that professor you despise. Here are 7 reasons being home for Christmas break is awesome, and why you should cherish the time. 1.  After you’re…


4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Overstress Finals

Finals are unavoidable in college, and there is no sugar coating it… THEY SUCK.  However, you can’t over-analyze the situation and allow yourself to get too stressed about them. Why? Here are 4 reasons you shouldn’t overstress finals. At least one of them should apply to you. If not, we tried. 1.  As long as…


Phi Psi Threw an Epic Frost Party at USC

I have seen a lot of these party videos this year, but Phi Psi’s Frost Party is definitely top 5 worthy. Because I am a guy and there tons of beautiful women in the video? Yeah, that may play a factor. However, the theme itself, the production, and the 300 style speech is what really…


Sigma Alpha Mu at USC Knows How to Throw a Paint Party

This is a clip from last month’s “Warhol 2014″ at Sigma Alpha Mu (ΣΑΜ) at USC. Looks like the party was a success. Well done bros.


Notre Dame Dude Does “Chandelier” Performance in Pink Tutu on Campus

This Notre Dame student has no shame as he wears nothing but a pink tutu while dancing passionately to “Chandelier” by Sia. Hilarious!


7 Things You Need to Survive Finals Week

Finals week sucks. No one is hiding that. If you’re ever going to make it through you need to prep yourself properly. These 7 things will get you through finals week, hopefully with some energy to spare for the weekend. 1. Sweats Yes, I know you wear sweatpants to class everyday. But today, you need…



Asher Roth Will ALWAYS Love College

“10 years from now Imma still love college…” Asher Roth spit recently on the RAW Cypher alongside rappers King Chip, $kinny, and Chevy Woods.  Asher also gives a shout out to all the white girls at Arizona State. Check out his verse on the cypher below. Post by Now That’s College.


Clemson Dude Leaves Tab Open, People at the Bar Rack Up HUGE Tab

Clemson student Jake Stewart was wasted and left his tab open at the bar; not realizing that he’d have close to an $8,000 bar tab to pay the next morning when he went to retrieve his card. Jake started a GoFundMe Campaign to raise money to pay for a tab he barely had the chance…



Which Majors Have the Hardest Time Paying Off Student Loans

  Ever wonder how long it’s going to take to off your loan after you graduate? Well, the chart below displays which majors have the hardest time paying off student loans. Moral of the chart: If you’re majoring any type of engineering, you don’t have much to worry about as long as you can keep…