Nerd Picks Up Chicks at University of Arizona on the 1st Day (Video)

So it was the first day of school at The University of Arizona so Ernie decided to step out of his shell and go make some friends. He hit it off pretty well with some of the ladies and now he’s already pretty popular. Let’s see what Ernie does with his popularity the rest of…


Eastern Michigan Players Fail Concrete Wall Breaking Entrance

Definitely a good entrance idea, but when it takes you this long to break down a barrier to enter the field… it’s probably not gonna be that cool. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t.  On a positive note, they did end up winning the game.  Watch the Eastern Michigan players struggle to break down a concrete wall…

“The Fappening” is the weekend’s BIGGEST Internet Scandal

In what has aptly been dubbed “The Fappening” across social media sites and Internet forums alike, the massive leak of hundreds of nude photos of dozens of A-List celebrities such as Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kirsten Dunst has taken the web by storm and nearly crashed sites like Reddit, imgur, and 4chan. The photos…


Meeting Your Best Friends in the Dorms

We all know the saying, “you don’t know someone until you live with them,” but when you move in with a hundred other freshmen, some pretty great experiences happen. I moved into the dorms thinking I had already had a small group from high school who came to the same university. I quickly realized that…


32 Steps Breaking Down How to Be a College Student

There are a lot of these types of videos out there, but the dudes over at BroBible approve this video and said it is one of the more realistic ones out there.  We’re not telling you how to live your life, but solid advice never hurt anyone. Check out 32 steps on how to be…


Logic – “Driving Ms. Daisy” ft. Childish Gambino

Logic teams up with Childish Gambino for “Driving Ms. Daisy,” a self produced track that is set to be on his debut album. Listen below. Like Now That’s College on Facebook Submit content to  

Squid McHale Presidents

Squid McHale – “Presidents” (WVU)

“Presidents” is the first single off West Virginia University rapper Squid McHale’s upcoming project Undecided.  Squid kicks a meaningful flow about his home town and his rise as an up and coming rapper from the area.  Listen to “Presidents” from Squid McHale below and feel your head nod almost immediately.


USC Cornerback Injured Both Ankles, but Not From Jumping Off Balcony to Save Nephew

USC cornerback Josh Shaw originally claimed to have injured both of his ankles Saturday jumping off a balcony to save his 7-year-old nephew from drowning.  He has come forward stating that the story was completely made up. Shaw has been suspended from the team until further notice. Read the full story here. Like Now That’s…


Arkansas State Freshman Struck with Golf Club at Fraternity Cookout

First rush cookout of the year and someone decides it’s a good idea to use a golf club as a baseball bat… to hit a football.  Alcohol and ideas like this don’t mix well. Unfortunately, when the club struck the football the top of it broke off, driving the club head directly into the side…


4 NCSU Guys Created Nail Polish That Changes Color When a Girl is Roofied

It really is sad that it has to come down to someone creating a product to prevent sexual assault by use of the “date rape drug.” Unfortunately, we can’t prevent people from being exposed, however, we can now be made aware when it happens, and before an assault occurs. Four North Carolina State University students deserve…