Wisconsin Dude Invites Girls in His Class to Share His Bed

A University of Wisconsin student thought he had the perfect response to an email thread from his professor cancelling class.  Well, it backfired, and he had to apologize. Read the emails below for a good laugh. Source: BroBible  


Ryan Oakes – “The Ryan Oakes Project” EP (Radford University)

Radford University undergrad Ryan Oakes is a 19 year old independent artist out of Northern, VA. On Sunday, he dropped a brand new EP, and in the past, he has performed with Huey Mack, OCD, Moosh and Twist, Hi-Rez, and others. Check out his most recent EP “The Ryan Oakes Project” below. It is also…

Haunted Colleges

Is Your School One of the 50 Most Haunted Colleges in America?

Some universities are said to have been built on ancient burial sites; others were apparently the scenes of tragic suicides and unexplained deaths. It’s probably little wonder, then, that so many college campuses are supposedly haunted. Taking in everything from possessed paintings to mischief-making poltergeists, haunted college ghost legends are as varied as they are…


PIKE Bros Threw an Epic Volcano Party at University of Arizona

The PIKE bros at the University of Arizona threw a nutty Hawaiian themed volcano party this past weekend.  Words really can’t describe the party nearly as good as the video, and it looked like nothing short of a great time. Check out the footage below.,d.aWw&psig=AFQjCNFGWcnlBIdmXlxBjaal3Ewy-5ul1A&ust=1414450280827716

Olympian Swimmer Ryan Lochte Left $400 Tip at Penn State Bar

Not only did Ryan Lochte party at Inferno Brick Oven & Bar at Penn State, he left a $400 tip for the waitress. Oh, and ladies nearby were drooling. Not sure if this really happened, but Jen at Penn State says she made out with the Olympian. I just made out w Ryan lochte —…


College Football Play of the Week – 10/25/14

Sebastian Tretola, an Arkansas lineman, threw a touchdown pass during a trick play yesterday against University of Alabama at Birmingham.  Definitely worthy of our college football play of the week.


The 100 Best College Bars In America for Bros (via @BroBible)

The Bros over at put together a well thought out list of the top 100 college bars in America for bros.  Did a bar at your school make the cut? Click the image below and check it out.    


FINALLY an app that solves math problems: PhotoMath

The majority of college students have to take at least one math course while in college and for a large portion of those students, math can be quite difficult. Have no fear, THE FUTURE IS HERE! PhotoMath is the world’s first camera calculator. Just point the camera towards the mathematical expression, and PhotoMath instantly displays a…


Mr. and Mrs. Lamp Launch Website Selling Bottle Lamps

It all started with an empty bottle of Captain Morgan. Traci and Jesse Lamp wondered what they’d do with it… throw it away? Why waste it? Instead, they decided to make a bottle lamp out of it! Their last name is Lamp, therefore they are always joking about lamps, so they decided to give bottle…


Keene State Students Started a Riot This Weekend (Video)

It was the annual Pumpkin Festival in the town of Keene, New Hampshire, so students at the college (naturally) had to party.  Well, things got out of hand, a riot started, and over 20 people went to the hospital.  The President of the college has issued a statement that this will be taken very seriously,…