How To Do Laundry

Freshman, Here’s a 30 Second Video Explaining How to Do Laundry

We all know doing laundry sucks, but it has to be done eventually. Unless you’re one of those people who waits until they go home to do ALL of their laundry, you should probably check out the how to do laundry video below if you’re going to be doing laundry on your own for the…


Hot Tub Time Machine 2

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 [Official Trailer]

After receiving pretty solid results from the first movie, the original cast (excluding John Cusack) are back as their future rich selves in Hot Tub Time Machine 2. John Cusack decided not to participate in the sequel, so the writers replaced him with Adam Scott. Also, Chevy Chase still makes his appearances as the mystery hot tub…



Welcome to “Party Psych 101″ – The People You Run Into at College Parties

I once had a dear friend tell me how much he enjoyed seeing people intoxicated because it showed their true selves. At the time I disagreed. My point being that we all try so hard to put up our little facade and I wouldn’t wish the destruction of that comfy cozy shell of a faux…


Chris Allen – “The Struggle Tape” [West Virginia University]

West Virginia University student, straight out of SE Washington, DC, Chris Allen combines a gritty style with a 90’s type of lyricism. The result is a very diverse style of rap that few have heard until now.  “The Struggle Tape” is packed with lots of emotion that a lot of people can relate to. Stream…

Temple University School of Medicine

Researchers from Temple University Have Successfully Removed HIV Virus from Human Cells

Dr. Kamel Khalili, Professor and Chair of the Department of Science at Temple University, and his team of researchers have successfully removed the HIV virus from cultured human cells. The goal of their research is to eliminate the virus permanently and stop the spread of AIDS worldwide.  This approach can not only eliminate the HIV…


How to Become a Pro at Taking Naps

If you are a typical college student, chances are you enjoy taking naps. With late-night study sessions, and breaks between classes during day, napping can seem like an inevitable part of the collegiate lifestyle. Napping might also be a natural part of human existence as well. Almost all mammals take multiple naps during the day….



Have You Checked Anything Off Your Summer Bucket List? The clock is ticking.

As the summer is nearly halfway over, it’s time to really start focusing on your Summer Bucket List. Soon school and work will be the focus of your life along with the occasional night out and frat party or two. In the words of Mulan, “let’s get down to business to defeat the back to…

haze music group

Book Big Names for College Parties at a Solid Price with Haze Music Group

A year ago, Harrison Hawkins and Hayden Adcock, two college students out of Texas, saw a common need for a middle man between Greek/college organizations and musical acts. Within months, Haze Music Group was created. “Haze Music Group is an event management business that specializes in artist acquisition, specifically for different college groups,” says Hawkins,…

NCAA College Football Trophy

The New NCAA National Championship Football Trophy

The NCAA released the design for the new National Championship Football trophy the other day. What do you think? Image via Deadspin Like Now That’s College on Facebook

calliko wiz khalifa wings

Wiz Khalifa Features on Underground MC’s New Single “Wings”: Numbers Continue to Sky Rocket

For those who have been Wiz Khalifa fans since BAR and Star Power, this is the track that you haven’t been waiting for.  East Moline, Illinois rapper Calliko released his debut single “Wings” featuring a harmonized hook from the Taylor Gang general Wiz Khalifa not even 2 weeks ago, and it has already hit 50,000…