Your Favorite Accounts w/ Fake Followers

With the growing and continuous popularity of Twitter over the recent years, businesses and popularity seekers are searching for the easiest way to gain a following.  When Twitter started, the only way to gain a solid following was to post relevant content for your followers to enjoy.  In turn, they could retweet your content and their followers may eventually follow you, and so on…Times have changed.

Now, there are multiple websites out there that offer anyone with a budget the opportunity to purchase followers.  Admit it, anytime you see an account with more followers, you are more inclined to follow them.  The people using this service must really be desperate to make themselves more popular.

I’ve decided to share with you a few Twitter accounts with interesting follower stats that may shock you…

@CollegeTownLife — 22% Fake Followers, 28% Inactive = 50% Real Followers

@TotalFratMove — 14% Fake Followers, 20% Inactive = 66% Real Followers

@MittRomney — 14% Fake Followers, 31% Inactive = 55% Real Followers

@BarackObama — 27% Fake Followers, 36% Inactive = 37% Real Followers

@LilTunechi (Lil Wayne) — 21% Fake Followers, 37% Inactive = 42% Real Followers

@KimKardashian — 20% Fake Followers, 36% Inactive = 44% Real Followers

Check out how many fake and inactive followers some of your favorite accounts have by going to:

Stay #college my friends,

Collin Strajack

St. Ambrose University