Introducing Zoey the Party Dog from University of Toledo

Sean Lynch and his dog Zoey are campus legends at the University of Toledo because they both like to party.

It all started when Sean was walking near one of his fraternity socials with his dog when he saw a friend bouncing the event. The friend called him over and told him to bring Zoey (the party dog) inside because the bartenders wanted to meet her. From then on, everyone loved seeing Zoey out so Sean continued to bring her out whenever he was with her and there was a party nearby… and he continues to do so today.

“At this point she keeps going to the bar because it’s an easy way to meet people and she loves to be social, also having a cute dog never hurt anyone.” Sean told us.

Here are a couple pics of Zoey the Party Dog. Sean doesn’t let her drink because she is too small, but she is still the life of the party.