Maryland Chick Pulled Over, Hid Her Bud In Her Front Pocket, Not Charged

A Maryland girl was driving around with a friend the other day in a sketchy neighborhood where she was pulled over for looking out of place (being white in a generally non-white neighborhood). After stopped, the cop(s) told Courtney and her friend that their car was going to be thoroughly searched. The dogs were even called to sniff for drugs.

Courtney had some weed on her and did what she thought was the safest option to hide it… she stashed it in her front pocket. As some may know, male cops are not allowed to perform a FULL pat down on a female they have in custody. They probably could have called a female cop in but they probably didn’t want to waste any more of their time.

Courtney hid her bud from the 5-0 safely and securely. The dog didn’t even pick up on the scent. We are guessing the smell of her dank reefer was masked by something else.

Obviously, Courtney had to let the world know so she sent out the following series of tweets.