Ohio University Dude Somehow Survives Long Fall Out of a Tree

An Ohio University student fell from pretty high up out of a tall tree during High Fest yesterday.

Most people would have died or at least gone to the hospital. Not this guy though.

“Glad the branches broke my fall” is what we were told by someone who witnessed the fall, and he has a very swollen face today to show for it.

UPDATE: He suffered a concussion but no other serious injuries or permanent brain damage.

Another source has told us that he got up after minute, chugged a beer, and was seen at the bar a couple hours later. 

He climbed the tree to retrieve a Nerf football that got stuck, but we like to speculate that he wanted to get higher for High Fest. All jokes aside, the fact that he survived, and was able to continue his day according to plan is nothing short of a miracle. Not sure who this guy is, but dude, your guardian angel is working overtime. I would have been done for. 

Here is proof that he survived and drank a beer shortly after almost falling to his death.