An Open Letter to Millennials Who Have to Deal With Actual Anxiety Daily

Those with severe anxiety know that when one goes into panic mode it’s one screw up after another followed by a possible panic attack(s). When it rains, it truly does pour. The scenario could be in a crowded room full of people or all by yourself just freaking out wishing things were better. Either way, it’s the same feeling. The chemical imbalance in your brain takes over and causes you constant ‘what if?’ worrying that feels like it’s going to last forever. 

I was diagnosed with anxiety and OCD at a young age. not only do I overanalyze everything… I’m not afraid to admit that either, and neither should you if you have some sort of mental illness. Mental health is just as serious as physical and it seems like the younger generation is starting to finally realize what the older generation used to brush off. Those who know me know me as a laid back dude, but I hide behind a mask more than one might notice and I can hardly look at myself in the mirror some days. 

Other days I feel like I can conquer the world and the next I might just wanna lay in my bed until I never wake up. I have never attempted suicide before because I probably couldn’t even decide how I’d even do it. I did, however, consider it and had my parents rush me to the emergency room… All they did there was give me some drugs that made me feel good the rest of the night. America!

Anyway, I wrote this tonight because I had one of those days where things just did not go right and had myself a good old panic attack. I was freaking out for awhile, but had a good talk with someone I will always look up to who made me once again realize that life goes on.

I want everyone to know that it truly does go on and that if you do suffer, you are not alone. Find someone to talk to. Vent. Hell… slide into my DM’s if you need to… You just read about how I can relate. 

Stay positive and keep trying to be a better person every day. And when you are having a good day… reach out to someone you know is having a bad one. 

Until next time…

Collin Strajack