People Are Questioning a Cop for ‘Body Slamming’ a Colorado State Girl

When dealing with the police, it is best to remain calm and say/do as little as possible. Don’t resist or try and argue with them. That is what court is for. I also wouldn’t recommend trying to get away from a cop if you weigh 115 pounds and have 6 inch heels on. You are destined to fail miserably, which is exactly what happened to a 22 year old Colorado State student who fell flat on her face after an officer tried to detain and arrest her.

The video doesn’t make the cop look good for what he did, but it doesn’t make this girl look much better after she looked to be talking back to the cop. The heels did not help her balance at all, either.

We are told she was being questioned after the cops were called to the bar her and her boyfriend were at. Her boyfriend allegedly had started an altercation at the bar… which also doesn’t support her character and life choices. Tough to say what will happen here, but like I said at the beginning of this post. Comply with the police and if you think you were wrongfully arrested, lawyer up and defend yourself in the courtroom. 

Below is the video of the cop and the 22-year-old Colorado State student being taken down.