broke on spring break

How To Deal With The Struggle of Being Too Broke To Go Anywhere for Spring Break

Spring Break in college is basically like the Super Bowl. Everyone wants to party their faces off and have an excuse to do so. Most college students take their talents to the best spots like Myrtle Beach, Panama City Beach, or South Padre. People with deeper pockets usually go to Cancun or the Bahamas. 


Then, there are people like me when I was still in college… broke and horrible at saving money for future events. I had to write this post today for all the people who are either stuck at home or on their ghost town of a college campus during Spring Break. 

Use this time to reconnect with others who are in the same boat. Not all of your friends could afford to go somewhere. If they did? Do something productive like look for a solid summer internship or a job so you can afford to eat once Fall semester rolls around. If you already have a job, step up and get as many hours at work as possible so you can stay busy not seeing your friends snapping you from the beach.

Look, I am not going to sugarcoat it.. not being able to party somewhere nice for spring break with a bunch of other college students is a swift punch in the face, but you’ve gotta look at the glass half full at all times…

At least you haven’t dropped out of school and aren’t homeless, plus your friends will all be just as broke as you once they get back from wherever they went.