The League Drinking Game

One of the most popular TV shows on the air right now is  “The League” on FXX. If you haven’t seen the show, it is about a group of guys who enjoy one of the most popular hobbies in America right now, fantasy football. Every Thursday during the fall at 9:00pm (CT) / 10:00pm (ET) is when you can catch this great series. If you are already a fan or decide to start watching this is a drinking game you can play while you laugh your ass off.

The League Drinking Game Rules

  • Drink every time that Ruxin mentions how hot his wife is (We don’t blame him)
  • Drink every time that Andre gets ripped on
  • Drink every time Taco comes up with a new scheme.
  • Drink every time that Kevin loses in fantasy.
  • Drink every time Shiva gets mentioned and chug the rest of your drink when she makes an appearance.
  • Finish your drink any time the Shiva trophy makes an appearance.
  • Drink any time that the word “collusion” is said.
  • Chug during the whole song if Taco does something musical.
  • Drink anytime the word “Frittata” is used.
  • Take 2 drinks any time that Jenny curses.
  • Take a shot every time “Vineger Strokes” is said.
  • Finish your drink every time Taco Corp holds a board meeting.
  • Finish your drink every time Dirty Randy makes an appearance.
  • Take 2 drinks every time Rafi is creepy.


The Dudes


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