The Now That’s College Beer Pong Rules

Beer Pong can be played a million different ways, and we have been playing the same way since high school and here are our “House” Rules.

  • 10 cups each side, normal triangle.
  • Winners always stay on table and losers have to leave, unless a series has been agreed upon.
  • If it is the first game of the night or no winners are present then the two teams must have one player look each other in the eye from across the table and shoot until someone makes a shot and that team starts off with balls.
  • Bounces are allowed and if successful 2 cups must be removed. Blocks are allowed but blocker beware because any cups knocked over count too.
  • When someone makes a cup, the cup must removed ASAP. If the other teammate is able to make that same cup then the game is over. (Keeps you on your toes)
  • Next game must be called.
  • 2 re-racks per team per game.
  • Girls blow, and guys finger. (Just like in sex)
  • If this occurs game is over. #miraclecup