Why Weekends In College Start On Thirsty Thursday Night

College students don’t really need an excuse to drink but here’s why Thirsty Thursday is basically the beginning of the weekend to the average college student. By average we don’t mean mediocre, because if you’re reading this you’re probably pretty damn cool. 

Almost every bar you go to has a special on beer.


Friday classes are the most skipped classes of all time.


Why wait an extra day? You only college once.


College is the only acceptable time to drink your face off at any point during the week (except if you become a professional musician), so it’s only right to start the weekend off on Thirsty Thursday.

Nothing I just listed has been researched diligently, but I know what’s up because I lived it. Thirsty Thursday and college go together like Jay-Z and Beyonce. The only exception to that comparison is Jay-Z and Beyonce = More Money … College Student and Thirsty Thursday = Even less money/insufficient funds.