Why the Majority of Females Are on Tinder: “Tinder Trolling”

Okay ladies, I think it is time time to let the male species know why we get so upset as to why they message us the most absurd things on tinder. And the reaction I see the most from guys when we tell them “no” is “well this is what tinder is for!!” Yes, the men are absolutely right! Tinder is an app created to find people around in a specific mile radius that we find attractive and would like to see something come out of it. Swiping right for yes and or left no can be so addicting that you just start racking up those “matches.” But what women are doing without realizing it is that they are giving all those matches, whether it be male or female, the idea that they are interested in “hooking up.” And my oh my, are the guys the ones to jump on that wagon so fast that leave us ladies flabbergasted at the things guys will say to us.

Tinder Convo

Now let me be the first one to admit this, I have a tinder account, but I am not looking for guys to hook up with. It’s more for the use of entertainment and a self esteem booster. Am I the only one ladies? Probably not. It is kind of rewarding to get on the app and see who the local hotties are and to swipe right and get an instant match! Knowing that you have matched with someone you find attractive is awesome because for some reason that person swiped right as well. So of course girls are going to be a little rude or non responsive if you guys message us right away with creepy sexual innuendos. Which brings me to the second reason why I have tinder; the cheesy, stupid and lame pick up lines. Nothing like having a terrible day and having some horny guy message you something ridiculous line that might just turn your day around! Although I am not speaking for all women of course! I know there is some ladies that do use this app for the same purpose as the guys do.

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“Tinder Trolling” happens to be a thing when guys want to bash on girls that show up on their radar. I just find it amusing because I know for a fact that us girls do same thing as well when we sit on our bedroom floor having our one too many shots of Burnetts vodka with soda as a chaser making fun of the too many selfies you guys have on your Facebook account or how “cool” you are with your fraternity brothers. As much as you guys have certain criteria in order for you guys to swipe right on us, we have a “tinder trolling” rules as well!! So please guys, do not get so offended or upset when we shoot down, but we do appreciate the courage to break the ice and see if any us are your “wild kitten. Play your sweet guy role instead of the creepy sex freak and you might just hit the jackpot!

Erika Perez
Ivy Tech Community College

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